Keep on Tweeting, Mr. President

President Trump (@realDonaldTrump on Twitter) has 46.3 million followers.  46,281,438  to be exact.

Many of his followers  hate his guts. They react negatively to anything he says or tweets.  Their hate-filled remarks are all over Twitter. They are an army of trolls.

The Democrats say they hate his tweets, calling him incompetent. Some Democrats, say Trump’s tweets are grounds for impeachment.

The mainstream press hates his tweets, calling them insane, narcissistic, and worse.  Trump has them completely discombobulated. They claim that he’s distracted and failing.

Some Republicans hate his tweets, but say that President Trump’s agenda is more important. People defending Trump’s tweets say that Trump is not going to change who he is.

They say that you don’t have to like his tweets to love his accomplishments: Supreme Court, tax reform, less regulation, more jobs, record breaking unemployment, border security, and a great stock market.

You don’t have to like his tweets to like his agenda for 2018: fund the government, fix DACA , more border security,  infrastructure, and welfare reform.

Maybe Trump’s tweets are not the work of an incompetent, insane  narcissist, but of a canny businessman who knows his market.  His base largely loves his tweets. They are tired of being dissed by Democrats.

Ordinary people have to move on with their lives. Ordinary people celebrate winners and get over losers.

Not so for the Democrats in Congress, the Beltway, Hollywood, the mainstream media,  the huff and puff press,  and a significant  number of troll followers on Twitter. Opposing Trump is their life.  All these losers are solidly and vociferously aligned against him.  

The Trump strategy for the mid-terms is simple.  Americans love an underdog.  In 2016, Trump had a winning strategy. He made himself the underdog and he won.

Trump’s tweets  keep  the opposition united against him, so much so that Trump appears to be the underdog these next fights.  Trump is banking on his accomplishments to break down the Democratic obstructionist narrative, while Democrats waste time, energy and breath on dissing his tweets and saying no to everything he proposes.

Ordinary people pay attention only when elections roll around.  Interest will be high if it looks like a good lopsided fight with one side unfairly up against it. Interest will be high if Republican candidates for state and federal offices support Trump.

Interest will be high if Trump continues to accomplish good for the country,  especially if some Democrats  cross the line to help.

For those who have done nothing but complain and obstruct,  the interest in the election will be intense, and Underdog Trump will have a definite advantage.

Tweeting attacks against Trump can keep Trump  looking like an underdog and grow his base. Solid obstruction of his agenda feeds into this strategy.

Who else but Donald J. Trump could be Top Dog and Underdog at the same time?  By tweeting, Trump is saying, “Bring ’em on!”

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